Tamar Yadin is a Product Designer & Illustrator based in TLV NYC.

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For the past 2 years I worked as a product designer at Similarweb’s Tel Aviv office. I focused on a few growth projects while also leading the product’s visual style, which you can read more about in the case studies below. In my free time I’m an illustrator and enjoy working on personal or freelance projects.

case study #1

Similarweb's Product Imagery

How I created a more consistent & delightful user experience by introducing a new approach to Imagery in the product.

case study #2

Building a Color System

How I created one source of truth for color usage in Similarweb's product and increased velocity.

case study #3

Freemium to Premium

How I created a scalable solution for optimizing Similarweb’s Freemium product.

case study #4

Pricing Page Redesign

How redesigning our pricing page led to a significant uplift in hand rises and meetings.

illustration freelance

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